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By : Anushika Anthony

Get consultation from AAPC Lawyers on legal advice against Dog/Animal Bite

Dog/Animal Bite

Ontario’s Dog Owners Liability Act makes dog owners liable for damage caused by bites to persons or other domestic animals. If you have suffered a dog bite, contact your local animal control office and AAPC lawyers to determine whether you can receive damages for your pain and suffering and/or obtai...

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Faulty Product & Liability

Have you suffered a physical injury or has your property been damaged as a result of a product you have purchased? You may be able to seek compensation from both the store that sold you the product and the company that manufactured the product under the Sales of Goods Act.Depending on y...

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Family Lawyers in Brampton for divorce, annulment, custody, Spousal Support, child support matters

Family Law

AAPC lawyers will be able to provide you with expert legal advice and help you take the proper steps to protect your rights, whether you want a marriage contract, cohabitation agreement, or a change of name. When things go wrong, AAPC is there to help you navigate the complex issues inv...

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